"Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" appears Publicly during Launch Event of Honor 9X


     On July 23rd, the conference of Honor 9X Series will be held in Xi’an, along with "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" of Combat to be officially introduce to the public. Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor has demonstrated diversified combination of Honor 9X and Devil May Cry from where NebulaJoy and Honor Mobile will kick off the cooperation with each other.


The Photo from Honor 9X launch conference

As the representative game from CAPCOM, the worldwide-known game content provider, Devil May Cry has accumulated countless fans since the first generation launched in 2001. In China, Devil May Cry has attracted a vast number of die-hard fans who “manage” the DMC series with unique and vivid community culture.

A blockbuster representing the game’s brand after Devil May Cry-V, "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" is launched with the significant destiny of “leading mobile action games to the next era.” Besides reserving the original Devil-May-Cry roles and plots, "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" also perfectly maintains eye-catching actions/skills of the series, the upmost immersive and span-new experiences in the combats to regenerate the brand on mobile terminals. Thanks to the sense of mission of the game developers, "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" has aroused the public’s attention since its publication, as well as the important timing for the partnership with Honor 9X.


Screenshot of the real graphics from "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat"

Honor 9X has strong passion with immersive experiences. With synthesis of flexible function and the admixture of high-end techniques, players are able to undergo explosively ultimate battles, which has merged scene control, reactions, consciousness and manipulation in"Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat", whose peculiar grander and perfection, the pursuit in strength and comfort has transmitted to more people. With strong operative capability of Honor 9X, the passion will be imprinted in the youngsters who look forwards to freedom and wildness.

The heavy-weight cooperation of Devil May Cry and Honor 9X provides more delicate and smooth depictions in "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat", known for superb sight effects impressive actions and so on. At the same time, on the basis of discovering potentialities of the products by the game and hardware techniques from both cooperators, a brand-new vision of developing “the drive of investigating panoramically immersive experiences of contents” is expectable.


Screenshot of the real graphics from "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat"


Screenshot of the real graphics from "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat"


Screenshot of the real graphics from "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat"

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