"Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat"has its ultimate beta test on July 23rd.



While opening dusty Demon Books, gamers are reminded of gradually emerging memories with the age-old odor of dust and pages made of parchment. Within more than one-thousand-and-three-hundred days and nights, we’ve bore the expectation of demon hunters and depicted successive legendary for Dante, hoping to delineate Dante’s adventurous epic story vividly. Now, please allow me to unfold the file. Let us witness Dante’s Bildungsroman during the journey.

Since NebulaJoy and Capcom confirmed the cooperative relationship, the project team of "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" has officially been set up. Initially, both companies made several diversified attempts and choices in the project, endeavoring to create authentic version of Devil May Cry for the gamers to play upon the mobile platform.


Through various efforts and choices, we’ve not only inherited the grandiose Devil-May-Cry style but the skills of floating combos, Jump Cancel, ceaseless assaults. Supported by these actions, the characteristics of the protagonist Dante is crystallized and revitalized. Just as a Spartan warrior who pledges his life, Dante spent his time shuttling between empty streets, chilling snow plateaus and abandoned factories to protect humankind’s peaceful days in the demonic world. His eyes shine with hopes and the eyesight becomes much more brighter than ever.


We’ve prepared comprehensively for the first attempt with uneasy moods and the worries about the possibilities of meeting the demon hunter’s demands in the world we created. Fortunately, even though there’s still something unfulfilled, we consider the large number of advices and feedbacks from demon hunters as the best gifts. It is because of these sincere suggestions, encouragements and supervisions that enables us to optimize "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" and not to overturn the ever-lasting great reputation.

The operation teams are in charge of providing services and distributing commodities to the gamers on every planet and of managing hypermarkets of every game planets. They will tell the gamers about promotion activities. The universe customer service will help solve all the problems player bumped into and maintain the love and peace of the game universe.


The ultimate beta test of "Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" is officially open on July 23rd, which is expected to a pristine challenge! Sincerely invite every demon hunter to fill in the recruiting questionnaire in the official site to participate in the ultimate beta test. Since the game is under developing process, there’s limited number of gamers in order to guarantee the satisfying experiences, which we hope to obtain your understanding. We’ve spared no effort in developing authentic Devil May Cry in the mobile terminals. The journey of hunting demons is going to gladden all gamers’ hearts!

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