"Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat" won Game Teahouse most anticipated mobile game.


On Jan 7, 2020, the Golden Tea Awards and 2019 Game Teahouse CEO annual meeting opened in Guangzhou. This award, created and hosted by Game Teahouse, is one of the annual events to show esteem and respect for outstanding companies and games that emerged this year. In this year’s conference, Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat, which was authorized and supervised by CAPCOM and developed by NebulaJoy, attracted much attention and won the 2020 most anticipated mobile game.


NebulaJoy, founded in 2013, is a Chinese developer and publisher that focused on mobile games and other pan entertainment products. So far, NebulaJoy has developed and published several S-tier mobile games. NebulaJoy has achieved deep cooperation with many global game giants and received rights to use several IPs with billions of fans. By landing the concept of Persistence and Innovation in developing and publishing, NebulaJoy survived the cold wave of the game industry and rapidly grew to one of the most famous mobile game companies in China.


In the Golden Tea Awards ceremony, Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat, which has gained much interest, won the 2020 most anticipated mobile game. Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat will start Alpha Test on Dec 17, 2019. Now its popularity is rapidly rising and gaining more and more attention from Devil May Cry fans.


Devil May Cry-Peak of Combat inherited the core gameplay from the Devil May Cry series, such as Switch Weapons, Float Combo, Demonize, Stylish Rank, and enables players to enjoy gorgeously fast-paced fights like in the Devil May Cry series. This game remakes a decadent gothic Devil May Cry world consists of classic characters, scenes, weapons, and bosses from the Devil May Cry series with impressive graphics.


Besides the Golden Tea Awards, Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat also won many famous awards, for example, the 2019 Black Stone Most Anticipated game and the 2019 OPPO Developer Conference Most Anticipated game. As a hardcore action mobile game, Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat has proved itself by its superior quality and reputation in player communities. Its sweep of the game industry awards at the end of this year also certified NebulaJoy’s undeniable developing capability. In 2020, NebulaJoy will launch several games, such as Devil May Cry:Peak of Combat, Degenerate-III, and bring players the best game experience of officially authorized IPs.