First Time on the Apple Today Tab! Reveal the Story Behind the Multichannel Top Ranked Mobile Game One Piece:Burning Will


Its crucial for the businesses to gain visibility in the app stores due to millions of available application choices.Since the Apple Store autumn version update last year, the editors recommendations have become more influential to mobile game downloads than ever. According to previous reports released by Sensor Tower, 24% of the total game app downloads depends on the Apple Store recommendations. Its not a simple task to be shown in the significant Today section, as it does not only mean the official recognition from the Apple editors, but also provides greater exposure to Apple users. 

The mobile game One Piece:Burning Will, developed and published by Game2Sky, had made it to the Today tab with a tag of game culture. Based on the information provided by GameLook, the game led the list of Free Apps in the Apple Store pretty soon after its release in September last year. In September, the game had made the top of the lists of New Online Games and Hot Online Games in MyApp Store, as well as the lists of numerous distribution channels including Vivo, Oppo, 9Game and Huawei. The game One Piece:Burning Will received the Annual Public Praise Game Award by MyApp and had achieved a total monthly in-game transactions over a hundred million. 

Its nothing new in the mobile game industry to develop games with big titles from anime, literature, game series on PC and other consoles. There were even a number of One Piece-derived mobile games published in the recent past. How could the late-comer, the One Piece:Burning Will by Game2Sky possibly stand out when the mobile game market growth is declining slowly and gradually reaches saturation levels?

The Best Solution is Innovation: The Authentic 3D Once Piece Mobile Game

You want my treasure? The phrase had inspired millions of people worldwide to start their journey with Once Piece. With a history of over 20 years, One Piece is an extremely popular franchise originated from Japan. Such fame and accumulated player expectations, the development of One Piece-derived mobile games is under great pressure. To be recognized and accepted by players in the competitive market, game quality, innovation and differentiation from becomes decisive factors. 

Game2Sky understands the needs of the players clearly and deeply. During the One Piece:Burning Will game development, the game production team strive to retain the art style from the original works through three-dimensional creations of characters, scenes and special effects. Game2Sky have also invested a huge sum to hire the voice actors from the original animation One Piece to dub for the characters in the game. Whether a longtime Once Piece fan or not, youll be amazed.  

The Straw Hat Pirates, including Luffy, Zoro and Chopper, as well as other popular classic characters will show up during course of the game. The Shells Town, Orange Town, Syrup Village, Little Garden, Rainbase and many other towns and islands from the original works will be available for players to explore freely. Such immersive game experience connects the players with the One Piece world. 

For a adventure-themed mobile game, the combat system is another crucial criteria besides story and scene settings. The production team adds animations to the characters perks in the turn-based battles. The Apple editors wrote in the recommendation comments, Glorious moves and cool lines! How can those dreamers and adventurers conquer the world without these ass-kicking items?

In the game, the players can posit the characters and arrange ability cast orders freely to form various combinations in a combat. Through flexible arrangements of attack, dodge, defense and critical strike-centered formations, the players are able to deal with different battles in the course of game. As a turn-based mobile game, the combo system of One Piece:Burning Will brings the players smooth control, smart action feedback and vivid immersive fighting through ingenious use of camera and outstanding ability special effects. The fine-tuned game control and freedom in strategy application makes One Piece:Burning Will a mobile game for players with various needs. 

One of the key factors which allow the income created by One Piece:Burning Will to grow steady and rapidly is the diverse gameplays. To provide the players highly varied game experiences, the game production team have adopted some features from MMORPGs and have developed series of missions targeting PVE, PVP and casual players. The game developers has also improved the friend system to meet the social demand of the players. Besides, arena, ranked matches, player kill and other PVP activities, along with casual gameplay systems like sailing, cooking and fishing will gather players from different communities and enhance user loyalty.  

With recommendations from various app store and distribution channels, the players rating becomes higher and more people have joined the One Piece:Burning Will community. On November 8th, 2019, Game2Sky has released the biggest update ever since the game went online. In the latest version, the plot proceeds and the players will meet a new climax of the story. The Straw Hat Pirates break into the Enies Lobby to rescue Robin. In the game, the players can relive the touching story of saving Robin and Going Merry farewell. The new version comes with a new SSR character, Gekko Moria, as well as two SR characters, Perona and Ho Gu Barker. The expected dock system and clan battle are also coming soon to enrich the gameplays. 

The high efficiency in game version updates shows that Game2Sky constantly strive for perfection in game development. The topic become the pirate on September 20th resonates with many longtime fans and has made it to the top of the Weibo Topic List. Till today, the hits of the super topic #One Piece:Burning Will# has reached 2.1 hundreds million. From the discussion forum of Taptap, Tieba, Zhihu and other communities, the game has gained wide acceptance for its high game quality.  

Excellent Works and Game2Skys Way of Custom-made Big Titles Adaption 

Ensuring quality production and innovative gameplay, the current success of One Piece:Burning Will is not surprising. With such a large number of updates, its not difficult to see that Game2Sky is aiming for something beyond a short-term hit. Instead, it is planning for long-term sustained quality operations.

Established in 2013, although still very young, Game2sky is growing at an astonishing speed. Within five years, it has released plenty of phenomenal works including Tornado Girl, Swordsman in Black, Drawing Jianghu: The Degenerates 2, and Story of the Peach Blossom Valley, making itself one of the top mobile-game firms in China. Additionally, Game2sky is especially good at adapting anime titles to games. For example, Swordsman in Black, since its public release in May 2016, has been running smoothly after reaching a total transaction amount of 50 million on Android distribution channels and app stores alone. Whereas Drawing Jianghu: The Degenerates 2, adapted with authorization from a Chinese anime, is also considered both a commercial and artistic success after achieving a total transaction amount close to 50 million in the first month while winning multiple influential awards including Golden Interest and Golden Roc.

In one of his previous interviews, Yunzheng Gao, the CEO of Game2sky, made clear thatIP adaption to games is more like making a film - every player has his own expectations which have to be met first. The majority of IP-adapted games on the market are just using the IP as a bait, which I think is not the right way of perceiving it. A good game, in the real sense, should be custom-made for its IP. Only in this way will real efforts be paid into its production and support from fans truly earned.” 

In order to produce custom-made famous franchise-derived games, Game2Sky, responsible to its users, dived into every title by doing researches amongst its core users and loyal fans, reaching for their central demands, adding gameplay contents in accordance with each franchise under the premise of preserving the originals to the utmost level. Responsible to users, Game2sky, a game company that plays no tricks, is expecting a bright future. 

Responsible to users, Game2sky, a game company that plays no tricks, is expecting a bright future. 

With previous successes, Game2sky is winning the attention of more well-known big titles. As reported, Game2sky will release mobile games for Drawing Jianghu: The Degenerates 3 as well as two internationally renowned franchises, Devil May Cry, and Batman. According to available information, Drawing Jianghu: The Degenerates 3 is a sandbox game of high degrees of freedom in the martial art genre. In addition to survival skills such as wood-cutting and horse-riding, roles played by users can feel temperature and hunger in the game, adding another layer novelty to the gameplay. In the 2008 Tencent Summit of Global Partners, Yunzheng Gao, founder of Game2sky, used Devil May Cry: Battle of the Top as an example of Devil May Cry series derivatives at the mobile end. The game itself retains the combating experience from the PC works, e.g., players can control their characters to achieve silky ability chaining and airborne combats that has been missed by game-players for long. 

No games nor any tricks, with its unyielding spirit for innovation as well as its sense of responsibility to its users, Game2Skys seemingly dumb way of producing quality games may actually be the best way to take deeper roots in the highly competitive market of mobile games in China.

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