Leading the 2019 Black Stone Award, Game2Sky has Received Four Grand Annual Prizes Including the Most Interested Game Company of the Year


The fifth Black Stone Award Ceremony was held in Shenzhen on December 6th, 2019 by the Mobile Hardcore Alliance. Depending on the outstanding products and remarkable achievements, Game2Sky has taken the lead of the grand event. Besides the Most Interested Game Company of the Year, the CEO of Game2Sky has won the Leading Figure in the Industry of the Year Award, and the Devil May Cry: Battle of the Top has been awarded as the Most Expected Game of the Year.


The eight best-known mobile devices manufacturers in China, Vivo, Meizu, Nubia, Oppo, Huawei, Lenovo, Gionee and Coolpad together form the Mobile Hardcore Alliance, which is the most vital mobile game distribution platform and the most authoritative group in the industry. The Black Stone Award gathers the behavioural data and other related information of over 600 million users from the aforementioned distribution channels, recognizes and upholds high-quality products as well as preeminent companies based on internet and social media voting systems. With a powerful base of clients and leading distribution efficiency, the Black Stone Award is iconic and highly competitive.


Game2Sky, the winner of the Most Interested Game Company of the Year by the Mobile Hardcore Alliance, is a cutting-edge game incorporation which mainly focuses on developing and publishing mobile games and other international crossover entertainment products. Led by the CEO Yunzheng Gao, Game2Sky has successfully published numerous S-grade mobile games. Currently, Game2Sky collaborates with world-leading video game companies worldwide for multiple popular game series with billions of potential users. Based on the corporation philosophy of perseverance and innovation, Game2Sky continuously evolves, accumulates and innovates to become one of the most influential game companies in the industry.

Recently, the Devil May Cry: Battle of the Top has attracted wide attention and received the Most Expected Game of the Year award by the Mobile Hardcore Alliance. The Devil May Cry: Battle of the Top is officially authorized by CAPCOM, developed and published by Game2Sky. The CAPCOM Devil May Cry team will continue to direct and assist Game2Sky during the development process of Devil May Cry: Battle of the Top. With high expectations of longtime Devil May Cry fans and other game communities, Devil May Cry: Battle of the Top has been nominated as the most expected up-coming games by the Mobile Hardcore Alliance. The omnichannel pre-order count has now exceeded two million. The Devil May Cry: Battle of the Top perfectly retains the fast-paced action gameplay and devilish combat from the original works and ported the distinguished core features of the Devil May Cry series, including airborne movements, flexible weapon switching, devil trigger system, ability chaining, non-stop combo, and the stylish ratings to mobile ends. The developers strive to offer players the smooth control, smart action feedback, vivid immersion of fighting, along with the classic characters, scenes, weapons and bosses from the original works. The game developers pursue excellence in graphic quality to present the mysterious, glorious and gloomy Gothic imagery of the Devil May Cry series. 


Developed by Game2Sky, the Chinese comics-derived, martial arts-themed 3D mobile game Drawing Jianghu: The Degenerate 3 is scheduled to be released in the near future. It is worth looking forward to what more masterpieces Game2Sky will bring us.

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